Mental health

And so it begins

Today is my birthday. I’ve turned 47 and suddenly realised that depression and anxiety have been part of my life for the last 31 years! Bloody hell! That’s a long long time! I’ve been thinking about writing about it for the last couple of years but never started for lots of reasons, including the fact that I’m not a great writer. But I’m tired. Tired of not talking about it. Tired of not sharing my experience and what I’ve learned in all these years. Tired of the silence, and tired of living in a country where, despite all the blah blah blah about ending the stigma, does not accept, embrace and view mental illnesses the same way as it does with physical illnesses.

So this is it. I’ll try to post weekly. All about me. Self indulgent, I know, but hopefully my experiences will resonate with others out there, and I can help not only myself but someone else too.

Welcome. Thank you.


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